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The name “Omatu” is of Nigerian-Igbo origin, she is also half Austrian. Born in Vienna/Austria she attended Vienna Conservatoria (school of Music). In parallel she attended fashion school (Modeschule Hetzendorf, Vienna) and founded the contemporary fashion brand Fulani. 
Not so often do we get a new and refreshing sound of music that captures our inner ears, All songs are written by Omatu, who put her emotions into each song. The multi talented piano player created a very unique music video, which emphasizes her contentful lyrics, refreshing and organic sound. < back
Westside Radio (London / UK)
98.3 (Vienna / Austria)
Omatu’s music is currently beeing played on the following radio stations and music platforms:
On Top Radio (London / UK) (Lagos / Nigeria)
RinseFM (London / UK)
Snatch Radio (London / UK)
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Bang Radio (London / UK)
• Omatu was recently interviewed by Westside Radio (London/UK) •
Colourful Radio (London / UK)
Brand new release out now!
email Vienna  –  +43(676)933 3676 L.A.  –  +1(310)894 2688